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AlFalah welcomes all families and individuals to our community.

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Your contributions help our efforts to secure our constitutional rights - our freedom of religion, and our ability to have a house of worship like every other faith community.

With your help to purchase and develop this beautiful property, alFalah Center can take root and thrive. Support this blessed effort for the sake of God. Support justice and religious freedom — for your brothers and sisters, for yourself, and for all those who will come after.

AlFalah is a text exempt 501(c)3 Organization. Our EIN is 90-0639190.



We have been searching for years for a place where Bridgewater Muslims can come together, to worship, to learn, and to grow. We have finally found a property which meets all our needs, and had filed an application as a house of worship which met every law.

Now our community needs your help!

Our local government is working to change those zoning laws, which will block our means to build a house of worship. And, those changes are being fast-tracked ahead of a May 5th statute which would totally prohibit zoning changes on already-submitted applications, like ours. This is not only unjust, it also violates Federal law, which states:

”No government shall impose or implement a land use regulation in a manner that imposes a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person, including a religious assembly or institution.”


Zoning laws have a long history of being used to keep out minority communities of many faiths, by groups who allege our presence will “change the character of the neighborhood.” Like those communities who came before us, we prefer to work through our neighbors’ concerns with dialogue and negotiation.

In the spirit of cooperation, we’ve revised our application—completely withdrawing our plans for a full-time religious school. We continue to go above and beyond to address concerns about our house of worship in the neighborhood. We’ve initiated traffic studies, met with the Town Planner, ensured our application conformed in every way, and offered to accommodate every legitimate concern of the Township and neighborhood.

Our building application met every existing law; yet, in response the local government is now working to change those laws. Bridgewater has very limited real estate on which we could build a mosque; we’ve been looking for a site for years. Changing zoning laws out from under us presents a huge roadblock to our ability to have a house of worship like every other faith community. As the Department of Justice has said, “The ability to gather for worship and religious exercise is a crucial element of true religious liberty.”

The Constitution guarantees us the right to free exercise of religion. These proposed laws are neither good governance, nor do they show good faith towards Bridgewater’s own Muslim citizens.

Join us in saying: “Work with us ... don’t legislate against us!” With your help we can find a just and equitable solution — that addresses the concerns of our neighbors, yet protects our moral and constitutional right to a house of worship.

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